We believe that the best time to prove yourself is when the odds are not in your favour. And so we did. Sharva Foundation has successfully clinched yet another milestone through severe hardships and defeated the odds. This marks the conclusion of our 40 days of Food Donation drive organised and initiated around date. These 40 days tested our patience and with each passing day gave us more reason to continue our work with dedication. The volunteers of Sharva Foundation and the help incorporated with donations and manpower led to the inevitable victory over our tasks even during the peak of the gruesome second wave of Coronavirus in India. All this could only be made possible due to the intense dedication of our volunteers and the help and donations that we encountered along the way. If we were able to help even a single person by not letting them starve themselves, we would consider this mission a job well executed. But we do not stop here. Helping someone is an untimely task and it is our duty not to turn our backs on the people that need our help. We assure you that we will contribute to our society in every way possible in the times to come for the help we innovate today paved the future of our society. Join us in our mission and witness us make this world a better place than we found it. Join our family today!


We are back at it again! Sharva Foundation has successfully distributed basic necessities and Ration kits to 25 families Nai Basti of UP. These are the 25 out of the 50 families that we are planning to distribute but due to shortage of funds the remaining 25 families will be reached the forthcoming month. Please do donate your share to help these people in need. Everything was orchestrated in a safe and precautionary manner observing all the protocols. Also, we thank Atharv Foundation for sponsoring 25 Ration kits. These people for suffering a huge loss because of Covid. We are glad that we have such great supporters & collaborators.


On the eve of New Year, we fed 130 underprivileged children of the Balgran Orphanage in Channi Rama, Jammu. The menu had Rajma - rice, Matar-Paneer, Kheer and sweets. The children welcomed us graciously. Sharva Foundation priorities safety and thus everyone followed the necessary protocols required, wearing masks and gloves and everything was thoroughly sanitised. We hope that there deeds might bring a smile across faces and wish to make a change in the lives of these people.


As our Diwali run continued we finally finished it at last and as profusely as we can. On the day of Diwali we were able to share some home made kindness. Sharva Foundation donated 110 people with homemade cooked food, fruits and Diwali sweets. We distributed it among people residing in Trikuta Nagar, Gandhinagar, Channi Himmat, and Gole Market area. We are joyous to share some home love with people besides our family. We look forward to help more and more people and share as much happiness as we can.


2nd Oct 2020, what a remarkable day! Sharva Foundation had conquered yet another milestone! This event was a tribute to Atharva Muley, founding member of SHARVA Foundation, a dear friend and an insightful human being. A total of 50 food kits were distributed among people staying at labor camp near ARV Newtown situated in Pisoli, Pune.We were overwhelmed to see the numerous donations from our volunteers. Another volunteer, MS Shilpa, who was celebrating her birthday, decided to share her happiness with the kids with delicious cakes. Packets of laddoos were also given out which we are sure made their day.